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    Welcome to the ACT Alliance learning hub on fabo.org - ACTLearn. On this site you can find courses that are free for all ACT Alliance Members. We recommend that everyone start with a quick, 15-minute induction to ACT Alliance. From there you can explore trainings on key areas of quality and accountability as well as thematic trainings related to development, humanitarian, and advocacy work. 

    Please note that you will have to login to fabo.org to complete the trainings on this site. You can make an account for free if your organisation is not a direct Fabo member or login with your usual organisational credentials. This allows you to earn certificates and keep track of your own learning!

    • Introducing the Act Alliance

    • Thematic ACT TRAININGS

      link to religion and development training

      This course gives a basic introduction to the interaction between religion and development in order to build effective partnerships among secular and faith actors.  It is for anyone who is engaged in advocacy, development and humanitarian work.

      link to act advocacy academy

      This training and resource page is open for all ACT Alliance organisations as a resource to improve advocacy. You can use the site however you find useful. You can also read through the site from start to finish to earn a certificate of completion. 

      The purpose of this training is to give the learner an introduction to faith-sensitive response to humanitarian emergencies, with a focus on MHPSS. You will learn about the collaboration between the humanitarian sector and local faith actors.

      • Quality & accountability