• Complaints are Good

    Complaints can improve the quality of work.

    The sentence “complaints are helpful and are a natural part of our organisations' way of working” should be a natural part of a conversation between staff members, partners and community members.

    This course will give you an introduction to the principles behind a good  and trustworthy complaint handling system based on the four pillars of Confidentiality, Accessibility, Transparency and Safety.  

    • Learning Objectives

      After having completed the course the user will be able to:

      • identify who can complain;
      • name the types of complaints that are handled;
      • paraphrase how a complaint handling system works when talking to partners;
      • explain confidentiality and why it is important;
      • give examples on how complaints improve the quality of the organisation’s work;
      • give examples on the importance of safety when handling complaints;
      • explain why it is important to have different ways to access a complaint handling system;
      • paraphrase the responsibility to report/complaint if there is a concern;
      • explain the obligation to lodge a complaint on behalf of community members or other external stakeholders if requested. 

      When course is complete, please remember to download your certificate found at the bottom of this page.

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