• Code of Conduct and Expected Staff Behaviour

    Welcome to this course on the Code of Conduct for employees working in the ACT Alliance. The Code of Conduct is a guide to expected staff behaviour, and it will give you advice and direction for the right conduct in difficult situations. All of us working in a humanitarian aid organisation have a common obligation to behave appropriately and to prevent misconduct in the way we work. This  includes the prevention of corruption, fraud, exploitation and sexual abuse and to ensure that no child is harmed in any shape or form. 

    • Learning Objectives

      The goal of the course is that once you have completed the course you should be able to say “I feel that the Code of Conduct is important and I am motivated to comply with it”. The course supports a mindset where following the Code of Conduct is a natural part of the daily work. Once you have completed the course you are expected to be able to

      • Relate to the concept of discrimination
      • State that not abiding by law is a misconduct
      • Paraphrase that there are specific rules on possessing, using and carrying arms
      • Give examples of ways to safeguard children 
      • Paraphrase the rules on sexual relations with community members
      • Describe his/her organisation's safety standards and security guidelines
      • Knows how to acceptable use IT and can give examples that demonstrates the importance of data security
      • Paraphrase how he/she is entrusted with power no matter his/her position in the organisation
      • Give examples of what fraud and corruption is
      • Give examples of what consitutes sexual exploitation and abuse
      • Explain what it entails to be a representatives for his/her organisation and safeguard its image
      • Give examples of what it means to treat people with dignity and respect including abandoning psysical violence and showing cultural respect

      • Code of Conduct Course

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      • Course Evaluation

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        • Certificate

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