• Introduction

    To facilitate simply means 

    to make easy 

    With good facilitation, a workshop – or any other process - will achieve its objectives and be inspiring for the participants.

    For the facilitator, there are three main stages of process facilitation:

    1: Planning + 2: Facilitating + 3: Follow-up

    Please feel free to share your reflections in the CoP forum below for joint learning.

    1. Reflect on each of these stages using prompting activities below - going through it all, will take you around 45 minutes.
    2. Choose 1-3 tools that you will commit to applying the next time you facilitate a meeting or a training.
    3. Share your choice in the FORUM - and follow up with the experience/learning afterwards.

    If you are new to facilitation or have been away from it for some time, please feel free to use the PDF below for a quick guide and tips on the facilitation process.

  • 1. Planning

    The facilitator should start the process by establishing the overall purpose of the event. Preparation will involve gathering information, making decisions, creating materials and communicating with participants and any co-facilitators. The figure below will help you clarify the key aspects:

    • Design Flower - click to start SCORM package
    • Prepare your participants SCORM package
    • Create variation SCORM package
  • 2. Facilitating

    ConSider different learning styles

    Your participants are all individuals, together forming a diverse group. As a facilitator, you need to consider that different people learn in different ways - and have different preferences for facilitation styles and methods. You can meet these diverse needs by incorporating different components to make sure that you offer a variety of styles and methods to suit the various preferences among participants. You will have to be aware of your own preferences, and learn to deliver your messages using other styles and methods too - some you may not be so comfortable with. With experience you will broaden your skills and reach more participants!

    • Create a variated facilitation SCORM package
    • Dilemma cases SCORM package
  • 3. Follow-up

  • Community talks

    What is the best workshop/meeting you have been to?
    Why ?

    What will you do differently because of this brief training and CoP?

    This is where you can connect with each other. You can ask questions, start a debate and share insights or news.
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  • More reading

    Download documents with tips or spice up your facilitation with more graphics:

  • Questionnaire

    Please take 7 min. to evaluate the content of the facilitation CoP site so we can improve it. Write your comments here