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    Moving from 'Desk Officer Days' to the SMC Learning Network (SLN)

    SMC has long held annual "Desk Officer Days" in late November, providing a platform for our Member Organizations to delve into various subjects and facilitate shared learning experiences through a blend of digital and in-person meetings. In response to the digital transition, we're updating the format based on feedback from our Member Organizations. The traditional "Desk Officer Days" will now transform into the SMC Learning Network (SLN), featuring multiple meetings throughout the year, inviting not only Member Organizations but also Cooperating Partners globally.

    Focus and audience

    The SLN will address thematic issues, program design, methods, and discuss new requirements from SMC/Sida. Targeting desk officers, program managers, field staff, and thematic advisors, the SLN will operate alongside the existing Controllers' Network, which will continue to focus on financial matters and agreements. This change introduces two distinct networks moving forward.


  • SMC learning Network 2024

    During the coming year, the SLN will have a thematic focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health 
    and Rights (SRHR), but each meeting will also include other relevant topics.

    At our first meeting on February 13th there will be a focus on:

    - SMC’s minimum requirements regarding: 
      Religious Literacy, Environment, Climate, and Resilience and with a focus on Freedom of Religion or Belief, 
    - Transition to Program support and Framework agreements for Member Organizations
    - Thematic in-depth session: SRHR

    february 13

    In-person meeting for Member Organisations in Alvik, Stockholm

    APRIL 23

    CANCELLED - Digital meeting for Member Organisations and Cooperating Partners

    september 24

    In-person meeting for Member Organisations in Alvik, Stockholm

    November 19

    Digital meeting for Member Organisations and Cooperating Partners

  • thematic advisors

      Contact our advisors at name.surname@smc.global

    Erik Bäckelid

    Miriam Mondragon

    Anna-Lena Hannson

    Kristina Patring

    Katherine Cash

    Petter Jakobsson

    Environment, Climate & Resilience / Gender / RBA / SRHR / Conflict sensitivity

    Project and Financial Management / MEAL / CHS 

    Organsational assessment 

    Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB)

    Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB)

    Religious Literacy / Theological reflection