• Building a grassroot movement to stop climate change

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    Building a grassroot movement to stop climate change
    We have invited two inspiring young climate activists to give us a talk at Askov.

    Chibeze Ezekiel has been a leading figure in the strong campaign work in Ghana that halted the construction of a coal power plant through a strong mobilization of the affected communities. He has continued to work to ensure a strong recognized role for the youth to be part of the climate change conversations in Ghana.

    Junia Anilik is part of the indigenous people’s community working as a volunteer with the community-based organisation PACOS Trust in Malaysia, who partners with IWGIA and Operation Dagsværk. She works with addressing the climate change challenges and policies that affect the indigenous community.

    After the talks, we will have a Q&A moderated by CISU's executive director Jeef Bech.

    Target group

    All participants at the Folk High School Weekend (Højskoleweekenden)  will be able to participate in this. 

    Learning outcomes

    Inspiration from the struggles against climate change from around the world. Learn about the efforts in mobilizing grassroots and communities in the climate discussions.

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