• ACT Electronic Assembly 2017

    On this page you will be able to gather all information related to the ACT Electronic Assembly 2017.

    The Governing Board recognises that for the items brought forward, an electronic vote alone might not be sufficient. Therefore, an opportunity for “member conversations” will take place in mid-April. We hope that these opportunities for on-line exchanges will enable the members to dialogue and reflect together on the proposals. The conversations are scheduled to take place at the following times, you are free to choose the one most convenient for you:


    • April 18th  – 8.00-10.00  CET
    • April 19th  – 15.00-17.00 CET
    • April 20th  – 18.00-20.00 CET


    Member Conversations:

    The member conversations will take place via Adobe Connect, an on-line meeting tool. Below you will find more detailed instructions of how to join.  The session will be open for 1 hour prior to the start to enable you to join and test audio equipment etc., before starting.  We encourage you to join at least 30 minutes prior to the start, particularly if you have not used Adobe Connect before.


    Registering your participation in a member conversation:

    Please register your intention (and language preference) to join one of the member conversations by emailing Ms Penny Blachut (penny.blachut@actalliance.org). You can choose to participate at the time most suitable for you. The member conversations will take place in English, but break-out groups will be available in all three languages (English, French and Spanish).


    Registering Questions:

    If you are unable to join the member conversation but would like to register a question to be discussed, please email it to Ms Penny Blachut (penny.blachut@actalliance.org).

    • Call for an ACT Assembly

      To the ACT Alliance members


      Thank you for participating in the ACT Assembly to vote on the proposed statutory changes to articles 8 and 15. This Assembly has been concluded with a positive outcome (see attached Minutes for details), and the new Statutes enabling electronic Assemblies have now come into force. Kindly find attached the ACT Statutes as amended.



      1.  Elect a new Vice-Moderator 

      2.  Appoint the external auditors to the Alliance 

      3.  Vote on a set of amendments to the ACT Statutes, additional to those previously approved

    • 1. Election of Vice Moderator

      Donna Derr, who was elected as Vice-Moderator of the ACT Governing Board in the ACT Assembly 2014 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, has asked due to personal reasons to step down from the role. She will continue as a Governing Board member. Members of the Governing Board are eligible for nomination. The Membership and Nominations Committee is putting forward a nomination for Damaris Albuquerque for the role of the Vice-Moderator for the assembly to vote on.

      • 2. Appointing External Auditors

        The ACT Alliance Assembly needs to appoint the external auditors of the Alliance. PriceWaterhouseCoopers is being put forward for this role. They have been selected after a tendering process. The renewal of the mandate of the external auditors has been approved on an annual basis by the Governing Board. Appointment of the external auditors for the full strategic period can only be done by the General Assembly. Approval of the Assembly will enable the Swiss Registry of Commerce and Companies to recognise ACT’s external auditors.

        • 3. ACT Statutes

          The Governing Board is putting forward a number of statutory changes which relate to the criteria of the ACT Alliance membership, as well as to the composition of the ACT Alliance Board. The proposals on membership criteria seek to bring to completion a conversation on ACT Alliance’s membership which has been ongoing since the creation of ACT Alliance. The proposals on the Board’s composition seek to recognise the reality of a global member category within the Alliance. The current regionally-based Board structure does not allow for a wider representation of the global members within the Board. Statutory changes are proposed by the Governing Board to articles 5, 6 and 9 of the ACT Alliance Statutes. The full statutes with proposed changes can be found in the separate document in Annex 1.

        • How to join the member conversations

          1. Copy the following link and past it into you webbrowser on your local desktop (ie not in citrix). Internet Explorer works better than FireFox


          2. Select “Enter as a guest”

          3. Type your name, country and organisation in the box

          4. Click “enter room”

          5. Once connected, some helpful information appears in a support box.  You can read this and then close the support window via “x”.

          6. To enable your microphone - Click on the microphone icon and select “connect my audio”

          7. It is best to mute your microphone (click again on the microphone icon) except for when you want to talk to minimize background noise.

          If you encounter problems with first time use:

          If you’ve never used Adobe Connect on-line meeting tool before you can watch the following video:

          To ensure that you get the smoothest experience in using the platform Adobe Connect, it’s important that you run the following tests on your system:


          Software: The webinar will be held in an online Meetingroom using the software Adobe Connect. Confirm your hardware and software are ready for Adobe Connect 9 by running the diagnostic test at: 


          Hardware Ensure that you have a computer, wired internet access and a working headset. Connect your headset to the computer before entering the meeting room. 

          Bandwidth An internet speed of 200 kps-350 kps is sufficient. Check your available bandwidth here: www.speedtest.net and divide with the number of users on the same connection. Close all programs using the Internet, e.g. Outlook, Facebook, Skype, music streaming, downloads during the webinar and if possible, ask other colleagues to disconnect their computers from the Internet or at least close streaming services.

          If you need help, please email actlearn-support@dca.dk