• Welcome to SMC PORTAL!

    SMC has developed a platform for cooperation with member organisations: 


    The Portal has two main purposes: 

    1. This is where member organisations can apply for and manage their SMC-funded interventions (planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting).

    2. SMC’s assessment of the member organisation is displayed in the portal, and based on this the member organisation can work on their capacity building plan.

    The Portal can also be used for planning mutual trips and for sharing information. 
    Member organisations are responsible for keeping their contact information updated, 
    and can subscribe to thematic information from within the Portal.

    The Portal is built to help us all lift our focus from individual interventions to the organisational level.

    • The SMC member organisation assessment system is integrated into the Portal, giving us a shared picture of the organisation’s strengths and challenges and the agreed plan for capacity development.
    • Access to the Portal is handled by each organisation for their co-workers.
    • Detailed information about interventions is entered by the member organisation (expected results and progress towards them; connections between expected results and SMC’s goals and/or the Sustainable Development Goals; cooperating partners; countries etc).
    • Payment plans, requests for funding, and reporting on funds spent are all handled through the Portal.

    • Manual on how to use the SMC Portal

      The Manual is downloadable on the link below!

      How to log in

      Before you can log in, SMC or your organisation must add you as a user.

      1. Go to https://smc.lime-portal.se

      2. Click on the three dots at the left bottom corner of the login box, choose ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT and enter your email address. If your address is found in the system, you will receive an email:

      3. Click the Activate account button. Now you can choose a password and log in to the Portal.


      This site is under construction, please return soon again to find more material.
      In time, here you will find more instruction videos.