• Introduction

    The world is currently experiencing a climate emergency, confronting the threat of a sixth mass extinction and escalating temperatures caused by human activities. SMC's member organizations actively support initiatives in a world deeply affected by climate change. This, coupled with a significant decline in biodiversity, makes nature vulnerable and obstructs ecosystem recovery, negatively impacting people's livelihoods.

    SMC's perspective on environmental issues is anchored in the belief in God as the creator of the world and humanity. Recognizing that everyone is created in God's image, the collective responsibility is to care for one another and the world. The vision for our work is to foster a world where harmony exists between God and people, among individuals, and with creation. Humans are called upon to cultivate and nurture the world with love and care.

    In pursuit of this vision, SMC and its network strive to integrate a climate perspective into development cooperation, advocating for the sustainable use of resources. The engagement of faith-based actors holds significant importance in driving change. Therefore, SMC and its network should actively participate in being part of the solution.

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      This course answers the question: What is resilience?  How can it help us think differently? The course also introduces a tool to "think resilience".

      A course on Acro-Ecology in practice.

      • Resources

        A guide on how to integrate an environmental and climate perspective into strategies, programs, and projects.

        Church and Environment - a resource and toolbox from PMU

        Here you find tools and documents to support the assessment and integration of the environment and climate change perspective in Sida's operations.

        Environmental impact Assessment by EIA aims to minimize, avoid, or offset the environmental and social impacts of a proposed development project. 
      • Biodiversity