• The intervention cycle at SMC

      An intervention passes through a series of different phases. Different organisations use 
      different words for these phases, but most organisations follow the same broad phases. 





    Reporting / Closure

       It is a cycle because the phases lead into each other and often must be repeated during 
       the intervention. In development work, the people we seek to serve must be fully involved 
       and participate in all the different steps of the intervention cycle. Marginalized and vulnerable 
       groups are extra important to involve in the different steps. 
  • Key Dates for SMC Intervention Cycle


    February 28th

    Narrative annual report and draft financial report submitted to SMC

    March 1st

    Plans on new interventions submitten to SMC

    March 31st

    Complete application submitted to SMC    

    March 31st

    Annual audit and financial report submitted to SMC

    June 20th

    SMC feedback on application to the member organisation


    Member organisation submits an updated application to SMC

    October 10th

    Decision by Development Committee on new interventions


    Decision by SMC Head office on projects below 5 million SEK

    December 5th

    Decision by Development Committee on new interventions

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