• Introduction

    What is a deviation case?

    Deviations could be anything that is not by the approved plan and budget. deviation case, on the other hand, concerns deviations related to corruption, irregularities or misbehaviour that affects people or funding in SMC-funded interventions.

    When should SMC be informed?

    As soon as a suspicion of corruption, irregularities, conflict of interest or SEAH (sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment) arises, SMC should be informed. SMC will then start an investigation process, led by the SMC coordinator for deviation cases (currently Julia Brandström).

    How should SMC be informed?

    SMC can be informed in various ways. You can contact any staff member found at SMC contact site: https://www.smc.global/en/contact-us/ , preferably a controller, desk officer, or head of the unit.

    You can also report the suspicion anonymously in our complaint and response mechanism form: https://www.smc.global/en/complaints/

    If the suspicion concerns SMC 

    If the suspicion concerns SMC, or if you for other reasons do not want SMC to process the reporting, you can also report it directly to Sida: https://www.sida.se/en/about-sida/contact-us/report-suspicions-on-corruption-irregularities-and-misconduct



  • Courses

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    U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre - Viv Cole Associates

    Managing ethical misconduct and low-level corruption cases

    This course gives you insights into managing trade-offs and consequences of ethical dilemmas in development aid projects.

    This course explores how to manage an investigation into an accusation of sexual exploitation and abuse.

    • templates

      As soon as SMC is notified of the suspicion, a formal registration of the complaint will be sent to Sida, 
      using the "SMC Template for Reporting Deviation Cases" (Revised version coming soon!)