• Introduction

    Corruption has negative consequences on multiple levels, impeding social and economic development in society, especially for those with limited resources. 

    It undermines political and democratic systems, erodes respect for human rights, and distorts resource allocation and fair competition. Corruption thrives in environments with weak democratic institutions and ineffective state structures.

    Individually, involvement in or victimization by corrupt activities is likened to an abuse of power and a violation of basic rights. In the realm of development cooperation, corruption diminishes effectiveness, hindering interventions from reaching impoverished populations.                

    The SMC-Faith in development is committed to addressing this issue through anti-corruption initiatives, aiming to raise awareness and advocate for preventive measures. The goal is to create an environment where mistakes are harder to make, easier to detect, and prompt corrective actions can be taken.

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      Managing finances with integrity

      U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre - Viv Cole Associates

      Essentials of anti-corruption 1: The Basics

      U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre - Viv Cole Associates

      Managing ethical misconduct and low-level corruption cases

      COMING SOON!  A basic introduction to important concepts regarding anti-corruption and SMC's perspective on upholding financial integrity.
      A course for basic literacy on corruption and anti-corruption. You learn definitions, measurement and assessments, and basics of anti-corruption programming. 
      This course gives you insights into managing trade-offs and consequences of ethical dilemmas in development aid projects.

      Fraud Prevention

      Anti-corruption game

      Learn to recognise and prevent fraud, including bribery, corruption, and money laundering with Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

      You're the general manager of a large city. Balance ethics and corruption to keep your position and get things done. 

      Every example in the game is based on real cases.