Miriam Mondragon
    Capacity Development and Evaluation Advisor at SMC

    • 2. Is this training for you?

      This course is for you if you want to understand 
      why "thinking resilience" matters.

      We will firstly look at some basic concepts and ideas around resilience
      What it is? Why does it matter? How can it help us think differently?

      We will then introduce a tool to "think resilience". 
      We will understand how resilience thinking can help us to challenge and 
      improve our work in development, humanitarian aid, and peacemaking!

      We will learn that resilience thinking happens when we:

      1. anticipate future challenges and opportunities.
      2. focus on people and their power.
      3. recognize "complexity" (and we will learn what complexity is).

      Our resilience tool is not prescriptive, it does not tell you "what to do". It is rather 
      a "gameboard" that you can use to think and share your work on resilience.

      You are not yet sure if this training is for you?

      Take our "resilience personality test"!