• Introduction

    For SMC, the human rights-based approach is a cornerstone in all the work we undertake. The human rights-based approach in development revolves around core principles of dignity, equality, and justice. It upholds universal rights, ensuring non-discrimination and equal access.  Actively involving communities empowers them in decision-making processes. 

    It addresses inequalities, breaks down systemic barriers, monitors impact for accountability, draws on international instruments for a legal framework, and relies on collaboration with stakeholders for sustainable impact. In the end, it's all about imagining a world where everyone's rights are honored, safeguarded, and met, paving the way for fair development for all.

    • courses

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      SIDA E-Learning course on utilising the PLANET tool in the implementation of the human rights-based approach:

      • Participation
      • Links to human rights obligations
      • Accountability
      • Non-discrimination and equality
      • Empowerment
      • Transparency

      In this on-demand course, you will learn how SMC works with a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) in our programs and implementation, and how HRBA affects every employee.

      UNICEF E-learning course:
      Child Rights Toolkit: Integrating Child Rights in International Partnerships (Register to UNICEF Agora Platform)