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Global south

Global south

by Søren Asboe Jørgensen -
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Is this still a relevant concept? If not, why? and could you suggest alternatives

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Re: Global south

by Nina Ottosen -
Is 'Global South' kind of just a re-do/replacement for something we did not like? Does it solve the issue we have with "developing counties", or do we actually mean the same things, just packaged in a different word? What does this actually mean? Speaks to geopgraphy, but relates to something else. Can we be more specific? Still makes a "them" versus "us" - another (more harmless) way of putting the world in a box. When we can - can we be specific? Use the name of the country or specific region/area and relate to the specific (often) challenges that we need to put in context - Is it e.g. a place where the health care system is an issue? Or where access to education is a challenge? Do we need to describe an area where people are challenged by lack of job and income opportunities? Practise saying what we actually need to say.