The world is getting global and with the increase in online learning, there has been a challenge in meeting the needs of learners due to cultural differences. The Fabo Learning Platform makes it possible for you as a site editor to create culturally-inclusive learning experiences for all. We want to make sure that the platform is accessible to people from all cultures. To make this possible we need your help to make the content on the learning sites inclusive to everyone!

    In this resource, we will provide you with steps to consider for Culturally-Inclusive Learning Design.

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      Cultural inclusivity ensures cultural participation, access, and ability to express and interpret culture. From a learning perspective, cultural inclusion calls to support and address the experiences and needs of people from diverse cultures. Culture influences the way we learn because it affects the way we see the world, communicate with others and the way we interact with information.

      Culturally-inclusive learning design is an opportunity for all of us to learn, grow and value unique contributions. Our goal is to include culture intentionally and thoughtfully in a way that allows for cross cultural sharing and connection.



      People are accessing online learning materials at an increasing rate. With the reach of online resources, we want to ensure that the material is accessible to people from all cultures. In order to do this, we consider language choice and usage, accountability to different cultures, and technological aspects.

      Infographic on steps to remember when designing for cultural inclusivity.

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