• Introduction

    This webinar is for EAPPI National Coordinators working with Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM) on grave violations against children in armed conflict. 

    The aim of the webinar is to facilitate the National Coordinators to train and organize Ecumenical Accompaniers in doing advocacy for children's rights.

    When reporting on attacks against schools to UNICEF or Save the Children, the data does not just serves as documentation. It also prepares advocacy efforts to put Israel on a list of countries, in which grave violations against children's rights are directly reported to the UN Secretary General.

    The main objective is therefore to give a basic introduction to the MRM and to discuss together what can be done to advocate the listing of Israel by implementing the MRM in Israel / Palestine. 

    The keynote speaker is Hazem Salama. Hazem is the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Save the Children and has trained many NGOs and the Ministry of higher Education in Palestine on the MRM.

    • Practical information

      Time: Tuesday May 3rd from 14:00 -16:00 (UCT).

      Place: Adobe Connect virtual meeting room

      Contact: Jonas Schaefer - Research Officer / Team Facilitator, EAPPI


      14:00-14:10 - Welcome, technical explanations, short introduction of participants

      14:10-14:50 - MRM: General introduction, specific on Palestine / Israel, ways to advocate for listing Israel

      14:50-15:10 - Questions about MRM

      15:10-16:00 - Discussion about advocacy for children's rights

    • Recording from MRM webinar

      Below you can see the recording from the MRM webinar.

      You can also download the presentation as well as a summary of the Q&A session.