• Developing a strong advocacy campaign that creates change

    Course Description

    Developing a strong advocacy campaign that creates change
    Have you ever considered how the really successful campaigns were designed? Who planned them? Who made it happen? And what were the key elements that actually made it a success.

     We are lucky to have climate campaigners and activists with us at Askov Højskole, and we will learn from them. Together we will explore what campaign design they worked by, what were the successes and failures they met. We will investigate good tools and workable strategies for community involvement, and discuss how we can create linkages between locally-led adaptation and advocacy.

    So whether you yourself is a climate campaigner, or whether you just want to learn how a good campaign can de designed, join this workshop for inspiration and campaign design tools.

    Our guest facilitator, Chibeze Ezekiel, succeeded with nothing less than a grassroot advocacy campaign to cancel the construction of a coal power plant and shipping port.

    Target group

    Organisations who are working with partners on climate change issues and want to become stronger on their advocacy and campaign work.

    Organisations who are not necessarily working on climate change issues are most welcome as the focus is more on campaign design which you can learn from when working on e.g. education, health or another thematic area.

    Learning outcomes

    Tools and exercises that you can use when developing and designing future campaigns.

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