Fabo is a member-based learning network initiative that aims to  empower tomorrow’s changemakers, whether they are individuals or organisations, to participate responsibly and effectively in social change. 

    This empowerment comes from strengthening individual competences, cultivating peer-to-peer learning and supporting primarily civil society organisations (CSOs) with effective learning processes - including customisable learning resources, learning technology, learning design methodologies and cross-organisational collaboration.

  • Principles

  • Empower Changemakers

    In Fabo, we believe that CSOs can become more effective changemakers if they utilise customised learning resources, learning technology, learning design methodologies and learning networks because they can implement learning activities with higher quality and reach. This in turn means they can make decisions and take actions based on enhanced competences.

    Image depicting Fabo's way to empower changemakers. There is a big circle that connects three different scenes: at 10 o'clock there are four men, one standing in front of the other and giving a presentation. A cloud-shaped vignette reads "Learn". Following the circle clock-wise, at 2 o'clock, there is a man with many hands, writing the word "create" and using various tools with the other hands. Lastly, at 6 o'clock there is the next scene. It depicts four men hugging and saying the word "Share". In the middle of the circle there is one last man standing next to a building with a lighted light bulb next to his head. The writing at his feet reads "Changemaker"

    • build learning experiences

      Build and facilitate analogue, digital and blended learning activities. Peer-to-peer learning in communities of practice. Repository of open learning resources, templates and customisable off-the-shelf courses that can easily be used in member organisations. 

      • Design & technology

        This pillar comprises two components: technology and design. Integrating learning technology using our digital learning platform, the Fabo app and other tools to facilitate and manage learning processes. Crafting effective learning designs that explore new technologies and learning strategies that support and promote knowledge and research on organisational learning and capacity building.   

        • Cultivate co-creation

          Cultivate a co-creation space where learning content is shared with members and contributes to the further development of Fabo.  Provide open and accessible learning resources to the community. Access to the learning capacity within the Fabo Learning Lab with regards to learning design and development of learning content and activities, incl. video productions and interactive visual content. Potential support will depend on available capacity and coverage of costs. Take part in the annual Fabo Summit, the general assembly for Fabo Members.  Visit the Fabo Learning Community

          • Become a member

            As a Fabo member your organisation will get its own digital space on the Fabo platform with an unlimited number of sites and users, access to core learning templates, and access to a network of CSOs with whom you can collaborate on learning projects and knowledge sharing.

            In other words, Fabo is not just a very economic way for your organisation to get your own Learning Management System, it is also a unique possibility to be part of a global learning network for CSOs all around the world!