Section outline

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the EAPPI learning site for Ecumenical Accompaniers!

    This site will give you an introduction to our work in the occupied Palestinian Territories. The aim is to give you an understanding of the issues facing Palestinian children each day, and why the work of our EAs is so crucial for the children.

    The following video will give you an introduction to our work in the occupied Palestinian Territories, as well as an overview of some of the most important conventions and legal documents that support children's right to education.

    • Issues facing Palestinian children

      The following video gives you an introduction to the current situation in the occupied Palestinian children, and the issues that are facing Palestinian children every day, particularly on their way to school. 

      • Case stories

        The following case stories provide examples of common situations that can happen to Palestinian children on their way to school. 

        They also give an understanding the work of our Ecumenical Accompaniers, and how to react when experiencing violation of children's rights. 

        Case story 1: Detention

        Case story 2: Restricted access to school

        • The EAPPI database

          EAPPI has developed an online database for monitoring and reporting, which EAs use to report incidents of human rights violations and children’s rights violations.

          The following resources will help you get started with reporting in the EAPPI database, by following our guidelines and video tutorials.

        • More information

          Here you will find useful links to more information about advocacy, the MRM, and children's rights in the occupied Palestinian Territories.