• The VSLA Game App

    The 'VSLA Simulation Game App' offers an alternative approach to training people in the use of the VSLA methodology . It includes a simulation of a full VSLA cycle as well as video trainings in important elements of the VSLA methodology, all of which is based on the "Field Officer Training Guide" published by VSL Associates. 

    The app is free to use by everyone wanting to upgrade their training of VSLA group facilitators (main target group for the app) or others, whether as a complement to the regular manual or as a substitute. A guideline to the use of the app is found here.

    The app is the product of a series of innovation projects funded by the FAHU Foundation. It was revised and updated in 2018 based on feedback from VSLA group facilitators. Throughout the period 2020-2022, the app was tested by DCA and partners in three countries: Kenya, Malawi, Uganda.

    For an introduction to the app and it's use in VSLA work, please view this webinar recording which was held in 2021 for staff of Care Intl. as part of the organisation's Digital Innovation talks. For app download instructions, please scroll down this page. 

    The app was developed by DCA LearningLab in collaboration with Danish Forum for Microfinance and support from VSL Associates and Carsey School of Public Policy. The illustrations for the training were produced by S√łnc and the app programming was carried out by Serious Games. 


    • Want to get involved?

    • Download for Android Tablets

      By clicking the image on the left you will be sent to the Google Play Store, from where you can download the training app to your Android device. You can even download to your Android smartphone if you wish, but depending on the size of the screen it may be somewhat small.

      By clicking on the below red bar named 'App Download Instructions' you will be able to view a two-minute video on how to find and install the app on your device. 

    • Download for PC

      image showing how to extract filesIf you click the button below, the VSLA Training App will automatically be downloaded to your computer for offline use (must be a Windows computer). Please note that the app has been zipped, so make sure to unzip/extract it before opening the training (or else it cannot open). Right click on the downloaded file an click "Extract all..." or "unzip" - see the screenshot.

      NB: As the app has been made for Android tablet, the window size may not fit to smaller PC screens.