• An initiative for leaders within the SMC network

    SMC Online Leaders Series started in december 2020 giving leaders from SMC member organisations the opportunity to:

    •  Reflect on and learn from their own experiences in a safe, confidential space
    •  Encourage and support each other
    •  Be inspired by hearing about what is working for others

    In the Corona protracted crisis, trustworthy, inspiring leadership is of paramount importance. Leaders are called to guide their organisations into a different future. Let us face the challenges together!

    • June 4: Leading organisational Change

      SAVE THE DATE! Leading change is probably the main task of leaders today. The environment in which we operate is disrupted, turbulent and ever-accelerating. To survive and remain relevant NGOs have to change at a faster pace than ever before. Change really is the only constant for NGO leaders today. Researchers estimate that around 75% of change efforts in organisations fail. Few NGO leaders are trained or experienced to manage change. What could we do about it? Rick James addresses these challenges in his talk.

    • APRIL 23: Leading by Global Listening (ToC)

      In his lecture Rick James shares a "Theory of Change" case study case study he wrote last year - a global theory of change process that listened to 400,000 people worldwide in a deep and transformative way. It is a radical example of what management theorists today are calling ‘open strategy’. In the group discussions we will discuss what sticks from this example and what might be relevant to the SMC members.

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