• Welcome to SMC's hub!

    At SMC's learning hub you can access to a growing range of digital learning opportunities to help you in your work.

    In the sections below you can find links to events, on-demand and blended learning courses and downloadable resources on a range of key topics. Some of them are developed and run by SMC, but we also link to great resources developed by other development actors.

    SMCs learning hub is open to all, but our events and facilitated courses are open to staff of SMC's member organisations and their cooperating partners only. 

    • Tips: relevant learning sites

      Below you find tips for great resources on Fabo, on topics of relevance to many SMC members and your partners around the world, made by other actors.  In the Fabo learning Catalogue you can browse all of Fabo's learning sites!


      Here you can find links to other SMC related sites: 

    • Share your needs and ideas with SMC

      Over the coming years SMC will work to develop online and blended (mixed online/face to face) learning opportunities for our member organisations and their partners. 

      SMCs membership in Fabo also provides each of SMCs member organisations with the opportunity to develop e-learning courses and resources for their staff and partners using this platform.  What needs do you and your partners have? What topics are most relevant? What great written resources do you have that could be transformed into an online resource? 

      SMC member organisations and partners, please share your needs and ideas with us here by clicking on the following link!