It's exciting times here at Learning Lab! The absence of the newsletter the last months does not mean that nothing has happened. Quite the opposite, actually. Continue reading, because we have great news about the launching of our new learning platform and shortlistings of two of our projects.

Goodbye to, welcome to fabo!

We are very happy to announce that on Monday, November 5th, we launch our new and improved learning platform,
The has existed as a learning platform since 2015, and over the last three years we have grown in numbers. We have almost 5000 registered users, 7 partners in the ACTLearn Partnership and over 300 learning sites. We have outgrown our old home and it is time to move to a new platform, to make room for better and more innovative learning.
Drawing on the three years of experience and learning from creators, editors and users, as well as learning Lab’s own ambitions, we have developed a new and improved learning platform, and we are quite excited to share it with you.

Fabo” is a name inspired by the phrase "faith based organisations". It signals that the organisations using the platform have a significant affiliation to faith or belief systems. In this way we are broadening the potential organisations using the digital platform.
Here is quick overview of some of the new features on
Improvement of the underlying platform structure
With the new platform all organisations will still be in the same place but divided into much more intuitive structure. Each partner will have permissions to do anything with their own users and learning sites.
Improved management opportunities
On the new platform it is possible for staff managers to get insights into employee learning.
Improved learning sites and learning flows
With the platform update, the learning site will better support the different use cases and the creation of "learning paths" to enable longer learning flows than possible on a single learning site.
Improved overall user experience
Improved design and layout of all sites, more intuitive learning catalogue with filtering options and lastly a much simpler creation and editing of learning site.
Improved accessibility
The new platform ensures an improved access to the platform. This relates both to different modalities of access (mobile web browser, mobile app, offline, etc.) and in terms of language (first priority will be French and Arabic). 

Award shortlistings

In other great news, two of our projects have been shortlisted for awards.

Our VSLA Training App has been shortlisted to the "Learning Technologies Awards" in the “Excellence in the design of learning content - public & non-profit sector” category.
“DanChurchAid’s Learning Lab’s (LLAB) Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) Training App is an example of a technological contribution that connects end-users with proven methodology that strengthens livelihoods in developing contexts. LLAB worked closely with target users in the development, prototyping, and testing of the app and has delivered a product generating consistent enthusiasm about the potential to deliver needed training at a higher quality and higher rate(…)”

Also, our Learning4Refugees project has been shortlisted for the “UNHCR Innovation Award”.

The Learning4Refugees project was prototyped in February in Kakuma Kenya, and was a localized, participatory and blended approach to building youth’s business skills and entrepreneurship in Kakuma refugee camp. You can learn more about this project here.

The winners will be announced in November and December 2018.
Do you have any news that you would like to share in this space? Please email Anna at to have your updates included in the next issue!
This is the last ACTLearn newsletter you will recieve - from now on we will send you news from fabo.

See you on!

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