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    Dear LWF,

    Welcome to the ACTLearn Partnership! 

    Today and tomorrow you will be introduced to the ACTLearn Platform, AdobeConnect and how you can benefit from the partnership for various learning and capacity development purposes. By the end of today you will not only have an better idea of how to utilized blended learning and Learning Lab in your work. You will also have the first concrete experiences with facilitating online meetings and trainings in Adobe Connect and building a basic course on the learning platform ACTlearn.



        • Equipment: For the training you will need your computer and a headset.
        • Learning Case: You will also need a learning case or some training materials. This could be any training you have conducted in the past or will conduct in the near future. The materials could include power points, exercises etc. Don’t use time to make something new. We will use these cases and materials in the exercise. It will make it possible to create a direct link between your needs and the platforms/methodologies. We will also bring some materials that can be used in exercise. 

    If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact LearningLab through Kristine: kja@dca.dk. 


      In this first session we will explore blended learning and advanced virtual collaboration through a number of show cases. We will focus on: 

          • Practical examples with reflections on success and failures
          • General introduction to LLAB and the Learning Partnership Initiative – how can I utilize it? 
          • What is the opportunities in blended learning and advanced virtual 
          • Reflections on didactics, brain science related to learning and adult learningcollaboration


        I will now introduce you to the online/real-time meeting and training tool: AdobeConnect. The session will focus on: 

        Connect Meeting Room
        • Introduction to online training in real-time – potentials and limitations.
        • Introduction to Adobe Connect
        • Exercises: Make your own virtual training/meeting room
        • Exercise: Make a dry run training
        • Tips and Tricks

        • BE AN ARCHITECT ON ACTlearn

          In this module you will build your first module on ACTlearn. The module will focus on:

          • Using ACTlearn for creating and managing both face-2-face and online courses 
          • Introduction to training flows, blended learning, basic learning theory and didactics
          • Introduction to learning activities on ACTlearn
          • Course management and platform role
          • Exercise: Create your first online and blended course on ACTlearn


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