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Thanks to Global Focus, which has funded the SHOW-IT project as part of the capacity development pool fund (Pulje til støtte af kapacitesudviklingsinitiativer).

The project has been an exciting collaboration between three organizations: Ungdommens Røde Kors, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp/Dan Church Aid and Crossing Borders – who for a year, have participated in three modules, which have led to Graphic Facilitation now being a key capacity in their organizations.

The background for the project was an interest in being better at communicating what we do - externally as well as internally, through an understandable and common language. Often there is a difference between the change-theories in the national and international work. There is a need for new tools, for example for talking with young volunteers, or with people from the South. The language must not be too academic and exclusionary, but must be able to catch newcomers and to talk at eye level. Based on a theory that illustrations can help with this kind of communication, a visual language has been created to be spread into the CSO environment of development and humanitarian work.

Thanks to Bigger Picture – who illustrated the width of Graphic Facilitation and trained participants from the three organizations in methods and tools to work more visually, from new ways to write notes, to more effective and personal presentations, and to a visual approach to facilitating meetings, processes and project management. Over the past fifteen years, Bigger Picture has become one of the key players in the field of Graphic Facilitation. This thorough course has been organized and led by Ole Qvist-Sørensen and Ida Emborg.

This site is developed by Learning Lab - Dan Church Aid in 2018.

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