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  • Violence Against Women and the Role of Religion

    Violence against women continues to be one of the most prevalent human right violations in the world and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem only escalated. Violence against women has severe negative implications for women’s development and possibilities, and it is one of the key drivers to hold women in poverty.

    CKU has in cooperation with a Danish organization called Danner, which is a specialized national and international organization in the field of violence against women and Stellensbosch University’s unit for Religion and Development research developed an online free course on” Religion and Violence against women”.

    The course consists of 3 modules:” Understanding Violence”,” Working with violence” and The role of religion in violence against women”. The course is targeted practitioners in the global south that work with VaW. The course provides knowledge and concrete tools in the work with VaW. The course is free and accessible for all who register at FABO.

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