• Build Capacity Smarter

    About the project

    The capacity building project "Build Capacity Smarter" was started in 2018 as a common project by DanChurchAid (Learning Lab), Danish Red Cross Youth and ActionAid Denmark. The project runs until December 2019.

    The project aims to develop and integrate new, digital, and innovative learning methods in the three participating organisations. Through close collaboration the project participants seek to test, challenge, and implement digital, social, and evidence based learning solutions in their organisations. The focus of the project is social and networked learning and blended learning.

    Target Group

    The primary target group is employees of the three organisations, but the project also aimes broadly to share knowledge with other actors in the CSO-environment and development- and humanitarian partners in the Global South.

    Project themes

    Project themes and aims include:

    • To build pedagogical and didactical competences
    • To analyse, design, and implement collaborative learning environments that are founded in learning theory and evidence
    • To explore and apply effect measurement and evidence-based approaches to learning through practice research
    • To test and develop learning technology

    • What we learned

    • Project Activities

    • Get in touch

      Project participants

      Danish Red Cross Youth

      • Maj Navntoft

      ActionAid Denmark

      • Ida Hrönn Nielsen


      • Sidsel-Marie Winther Prag (project lead)

      Please use the forum below to post questions to the project participants or share reflections, ideas, and insights.