Section outline

  • Notice! Training Postponed to 2020

    The training described below is slated to take place in 2020. Registration is not currently open, but you can email Stephanie Rahbek Simonsen ( to express interest.

    Participants will benefit from

    • 8 real-time training sessions between November 5th and 28th with experienced facilitators to walk through the ACT Gender-inclusive rights-based manual.
    • Access to engaging learning resources and HRBA tools to promote confidence working with GIHRBA
    • Technical support to feel comfortable learning in an online environment
    • Interactive learning alongside other ACT colleagues with diverse experience level and contexts
    • Learning over an extended period without the time and costs of travel

    GIHRBA training is a priority for the ACT Alliance. As Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, General Secretary, said, “ACT alliance promotes human dignity for all. Faith-based organisations must be part of the solution and help shape a narrative where women and girls are equal”. Building the capacity of ACT members is critical to work towards this goal, and this training is an opportunity to make that happen.

    • Practical Details

      Costs to Participants (2 types):

      The cost of the basic course is 765 Euros. There is also a stream for GIHRBA trainers, which includes an extra 2,5 hour session on facilitation for 965 Euros.

      Participant Information

      This training will have 16-20 participants who will need 30 hours for the training (23 hours total, or 5,5 hours per week of real-time training, and 7 hours of individual learning).

      Dates and Times

      The course will have 1 intro session (choice of 2 dates) on October 30 and November 2.

      The 8 content sessions will take place between November 6 and 29th (Tuesday and Thursday sessions).

      Tuesday sessions will be 2 hours and Thursday sessions will be 3 hours.

      Participants will be sent calendar invitations for all sessions upon confirmation of registration.

      • Register now!

        How to Register

        Email Stephanie Rahbek Simonsen ( to reserve space(s) no later than September 6th 2019.


        Please direct all questions to Stephanie Rahbek Simonsen (