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    Climate change Community of Practice

    This webpage constitute the DCA Community of Practice. However, if you want to follow the work more closely you can also become part of the core-group of the community. The core group has regular calls, and take part in development of DCA-wide climate related initiatives. Currently the group include staff from HQ, Malawi, Uganda, Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.

    New research about conflicts and climate change

    DCA is, in cooperation with NCA, initiating a research initiative about the links between climate change and conflicts. The DCA office in Mali and the NCA office in Somalia are part of the initiative and a report will be ready mid 2020.

    CO2 compensation as a fundraising opportunity

    The DCA HQ is currently exploring possibilities to develop a fundraising option in relation to the CO2 compensation initiative (see below). The initiative will hopefully be ready in December.

    Revision of the analysis of climate change in DCA programs

    In 2020 a new analysis of how climate change is related to DCA programs will be initiated by HQ. The previous study focused on statistics and showed that 35% of all projects were related to climate change in 2017. The new analysis will also focus on learnings and gather best practices.

    • Internal climate policy - Walk the Talk

      Internal climate policy

      The DCA internal climate policy sets a framework for climate action. It covers a number of areas, and is developed to help DCA to "walk the talk"

      Compensation for DCA emissions

      It is difficult to reduce all emissions related to DCA activities. Especially flights are a big challenge. A compensation project has therefore been initiated, and trees are planted in Uganda. The compensation is done in cooperation with a company called Trofaco. You can read more here.

    • Climate change in DCA programs

      As stated in the DCA internal policy, and described in the international strategy, DCA wants to integrate a climate change perspective in all projects by 2022. DCA is in dialogue with other Danish NGOs to find good solutions for how to move forward. Below you will find a few good examples and experiences from existing projects.

    • Advocacy and political messages

      DCA climate change advocacy work is aligned with ACT Alliances, and positions and messages are therefore coordinated with ACT members in other countries. The advocacy work is also build on cooperation with DCA partners, and DCA intend to bring partners perspectives into the broader cooperation within ACT.

      If you want to follow the advocacy work of ACT Alliance, write to Joanna Patouris <> and ask to be added to the global ACT climate change mailing list. You are also welcome to contact the DCA Climate Change advisor, Mattias Söderberg <>

      Research and Documentation is an important element in the DCA climate change advocacy strategy. Here are a few recent reports:

    • Research, documentation and data

      The climate debate is built on research, and DCA makes an effort to link both program work and advocacy work to recent scientific research. Below knowledge about climate change is gathered.

    • Fundraising from donors

      More and more donors link their support to climate change and it is therefore important for DCA fundraising efforts to consider climate change. Here are a few donors with a special focus on climate change. Please coordinate with GPDR at the DCA HQ before approaching any of the donors.

      • Campaigning in Denmark

        Climate change is an important element in DCA campaigns, both in Denmark and internationally. Below are a few examples of DCA campaign activities.

      • Media and climate change

        Climate change has become an important topic in media, both in Denmark and internationally. Here are a few possibilities to follow the media debate about climate change:

        ACT for climate justice Facebook

        Follow the ACT Alliance climate justice facebook page 

        Climate Home

        Climate Home is a UK based news-site where you consciously can follow the climate change debate 

        Mattias blog

        DCA climate change advisor, Mattias Söderberg, has a blog in Danish 

        ACT climate change campaign and media team

        ACT Alliance has a team coordinating and cooperating about climate change media and campaign initiatives. Please contact Jo Mountford <> if you want to join.

        • DCA climate dialogue

          Ask a question, share a concern, come up with a proposal, test an idea or state your opinion!

        • DCA climate CoP

          The DCA climate Community of Practice (CoP) is open for all DCA staff with an interest for climate change. The wide cooperation takes place through this website, where there is space to share experiences, and information. However, there is also a core-group of the CoP. This group have approximately four calls a year, and continuous email correspondence. The core group address new initiatives, trends and ideas, and additional staff my be invited depending on the topic.