Section outline

  • Log in

    1. Log in to Adobe Connect using this link:
    2. Use the username and password provided to your unit/workplace
    3. Enter
    4. You are now in the home page of Adobe Connect Central
    5. From here you can - Enter an existing meetingroom - Create a new meetingroom

    ac login

    Adobe Connect login screen.

    • Find / Create Mettingroom

      Do one of the following to enter an exitsting meetingroom:

      1. From the home page in Adobe Connect Central, click My Meetings, and click the Open button for the desired meeting.
      2. Click or enter the URL for the desired meetingroom (that you have recieved by email or written down). Type your Adobe Connect login and password, and then click Enter Room.

      Do the following to create a new meetingroom: 

      1. From the home page in Adobe Connect Central, identify the "Create New:" list and click on Meeting. 
      2. Fill in the information needed in the following form
      3. Give the meeting room a unique name, and a meaningful URL (the first part of the URL is pre-defined, but you can choose the last bit)
      4. Leave the default settings for Start time, duration, Template or Language
      5. Consider who and how you will give access to your Meetingroom. For most purposes the default setting is the preferred setting, so if you are unsure, just choose that. The setting can always be changed later.
      6. ALWAYS keep the default settings regarding "Audio Conference", namely "Do not include any audio conference with this meeting"
      7. Click "Finish" and you can then start using the meetingroom.

      Please note: meeting rooms are always based on a template, which means they are created with a set of pre-defined layouts. You can always customize or delete these layouts, or insert new ones. 

      You can also watch this "Create meeting room"-video:

    • Invite Participants

      As a host you have two options, when you want to invite participants for your online meeting room.

      1. Go to meetings
      2. Click on the meeting you wish to see, and copy-paste the URL, or
      3. Open the meeting room, and go to "Manage access and entry", and click on "invite participants"
      4. From here you can copy-paste the URL or choose "send an email", from here the URL will open in your default email-programme
      5. Create your own personalised email 
      6. Press the send button and invite your participants

      You can also watch this video tutorial on how to invite participants

    • Connect Microphones

      Give audio-rights to participants - as a host you need to do this every time you open the room

      1. Connect your own microphone

      2. You can see whether a participant has connected their microphone by hovering over their name in the Attendees pod:

                    a. A drop-down menu appears

      b. If the microphone is connected, you will have the option           "(Un)mute attendee"

      3. You can mute/unmute attendees by hovering over their name in the Attendees pod and click on "(Un)Mute Attendee"

      NB: If your attendees have trouble connecting their microphones, please guide the through the slides for troubleshooting in the check-in slide template (which can be found in the connect microphone module on moodle) or send them a link to this trouble-shooting video guide.

      You can also watch this video-tutorial on connecting your own audio

      Duration: 00:37 Minutes

       You can also watch this video-tutorial on granting participants speaking rights

    • Troubleshooting Audio

      Microphone doesn't work

      Was the microphone connected once the meetingroom was entered?

      1. Did the participant accept AdobeConnect to Access their audio-device (pop-up question)?

      1. Is the microphone muted manually?
      2. Can the participant choose the right microphone from the microphone-menu bar?
      3. Have you run the Adio-Setup wizard?

      Upon trying each step, log out and rejoin the meetingroom.

      The quickest fix is to log out and come back in (keeping the headset plugged in). Otherwise send the link to this troubleshooting-tutorial.

      Useful tools

      1. Download a template for a slide-show that guides participant through the check-in
      2. Send this link to a troubleshooting-guide

      If the participant continuously has issues with Adobe Connect you can guide them to the trouble shooting page, which you'll find here

      • Preparing your meeting

        Share Documents

        1. Insert a share-pod in your layout
        2. Select share document
        3. Click browse my computer to select a file from your system
        4. Click on the PowerPoint (PPT or PTTX – not Word or Excel) that you would like to share and click open (the file will now automatically upload and convert)
        5. Once converted, the PowerPoint will appear in the share pod

        Use the next and previous controls to navigate through your presentation

        NB: You can also follow these steps to share other file types including image files (JPG or PNG), video files (FLV), flash files (SWF), and MP3 audio files.


        To know more about layouts and how utilize this possibility for preparing and conducting meetings and webinars, please watch the tutorial below, which covers:  

        1. How to create and customize layouts 

        2. Inserting, adjusting and deleting pods 

        3. Changing and editing layouts while in the meeting

        You can watch this video-tutorial on how to prepare your meeting

        You can also watch this video-tutorial on how to manage layouts

        And you can additionally watch this video-tutorial on how to manage pods

      • When in the meeting


        You can record all audio and visual elements of a meeting.

        1. When in the meeting room, go to the "Meeting" menu
        2. Click on "Record Meeting"
        3. Give the recording a name

        Find and share your recording:

        1. Log in to the main page on
        2. Find your meeting
        3. Click on Recordings
        4. Locate the recording
        5. Un-lock the recording and if relevant, set at passcode
        6. Download the recording or share it directly with the URL (and passcode)


        1. Insert a chat pod
        2. Use the Everyone-chat tab to write so all participants can see
        3. Use a private chat to a specific participant for private messages with one persone, which others cannot see
        4. You can have as many chat pods in a layout as you wish
        5. Chats can be renamed to identify which chatbox to use for what (E.g. "Tech-support chat"