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  • Information about the ACT Advocacy Academy 2019

    Become an expert in political dialogue, campaigning and media outreach, and learn about different policy themes!

    ACT Alliance invites ACT members, members of national and regional ecumenical bodies and councils of churches, and partners, to the ACT Advocacy Academy - a global capacity building initiative focused on advocacy, where you will learn from experienced colleagues, share your own views and skills, and receive support for implementation of concrete advocacy actions.

    The ACT Advocacy Academy can be used as a stand alone capacity building initiative, or as a supplement to face-to-face trainings and training activities arranged by ACT members.

    There are two options for how to use the Academy

    1. To browse the Academy website and benefit from online materials
    2. Participate in the Academy program

    The Academy website

    • Capacity building opportunities about how to plan and implement advocacy, as well as thematic modules about sustainable development, humanitarian advocacy, climate justice, gender justice, migration, business and human rights and political space
    • Offering on-demand lectures, webinar recordings, reports and training materials
    • Available both online and offline, and on computer, tablets and smartphones
    • Available in English and Spanish

    The Academy program
    • A program based on blended learning, where participants are trained in advocacy as a method, and one or several thematic policy themes
    • Webinars, personal coaching, assignments and use of the online resources on the web page
    • Possibilities to cooperate and interact with ACT members in other countries

    Policy Themes

    In addition to focusing on advocacy methods, the ACT Advocacy Academy cover the following thematic policy themes:

    1. Climate Justice
    2. Sustainable Development
    3. Humanitarian Action
    4. Gender Justice
    5. Migration
    6. Civic Space and Human Rights
    7. Business and Human Rights

    Practical information

    The Academy Website is constantly online, and new materials will be added continuously. The website is free to access, for all staff and volunteers in members of the ACT Alliance and the members of national and regional ecumenical bodies and councils of churches. Other users must be invited, and pay a fee of 50 USD for one year access. 

    The first time the Academy Website is visited, users must sign up. Depending on your organisation you may already have access to FABO, where the ACT Advocacy Academy is hosted. If not you will be asked to register, before you can enter the Website.    

    The Academy Program will run from August to December 2019 (exact dates to be confirmed) and it will include webinars, assignments and personal coaching. The training will be directly linked to the work of the participants, and there will be good opportunities to learn and interact with other participants.

    Staff and volunteers from members in ACT Alliance and the members of national and regional ecumenical bodies and councils of churches can take part in the program for free. Participants from other organisations must be invited, and pay 350 USD. This price includes access to the Academy Website.

    Participation in the program is estimated to take between 40 and 60 hours, with an intensive period, with webinars and assignments, from the 14th of August until the 18th of September, and a period with implementation and coaching ending with a graduation the 11th of December. Assignments given during the program will be closely linked to the ongoing work of participants, and part of the hours allocated for participation in the program may thus also be counted as ordinary work.

    For further information or questions, contact the Academy Manager via

    • Apply for the ACT Advocacy Academy Program

      You can apply for the Academy Program, by filling out an application form below. The form will be available from the 1st of April 2019. Deadline for applications is the 3rd of June 2019.  

      The academy management team will select participants shortly after deadline. People who have applied will receive feed back on their applications the 10h of June 2019.

      In the application form there is space to add contact information to a supervisor or line manager. This information must be added, as applications must be supported, to be considered. 

      If you already have an ACT learn account you can proceed directly with your application by clicking "click here to subscribe" below . If you have no account, you need to sign in. You can do that by following the guide here. Please note that if the organisation where you are employed is not appearing on the screen, you should choose "other". When you are ready you can return to this page (, and proceed with the application, by clicking "click here to subscribe" (will appear when you are signed in). 

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